Friday, May 26, 2023

My Vision of a Social Enterprise

(Unnamed) An enterprise for training adults with life skills


Background and Rationale


There is a widespread skill and educational gap in adults in our country. Skill and learning gap, in this case, is not the lack of technical (hard) skills that are typically learned in schools (although, this is not to deny that there is also problem that need to be addressed when it comes to employment-relevant training), but rather life skills that should help individuals become better citizens and members of the community.


Having handled training and coaching for adults in several organizations, I have observed this gap across different types of people, regardless of educational background or financial status. When these skills or knowledge are lacking, people become helpless as they navigate the daily challenges of life, and resort to frequently leaning on others (and even media personalities) for help or resolution of their issues. Unfortunately, these people were either uninformed or misinformed.


Description of Product or Service


The product will be separate short courses or educational materials on key topics including job interviews, job search, personal financial management, debunking health myths, consumer rights, employee rights, and traffic rules.


There will also be materials on different government departments/organizations and which a person should go to in order to resolve certain issues (instead of going to social media as a first resort).


In preparing these, I intend to employ various learning methodologies and theories to ensure that the information “sticks.”


Benefits to Stakeholders


Through this initiative, the citizens will be better informed of their rights, how to solve their problems, and the right government agency to address their issues. I hope that this will contribute to people who are not just aware of the opportunities within their reach, but also of the consequences of their actions.


Value Proposition


Education that doesn’t stop, education that builds the community


As more and more adults (perhaps some of this information may also be addressed to kids and teens) learn about their rights, responsibilities, and consequences, we will have a stronger group of responsible and self-reliant people who are aware of their impact to the community.

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